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Continuing Education

Continuing Education Keeps Your Diving Skills Sharp and Focus on Self-Improvement

For virtually every diver, there comes a point in their diving career when they need to go back to the classroom.  Continuing your scuba education is a great way to advance your diving knowledge, build confidence, gain new and perfect existing skills, expand the horizons of your diving world and unlock a fresh passion for underwater exploration.

There are many different aspects to being a diver and we provide a range of courses to help certified divers become familiar with the skills and knowledge it takes to experience diving that is right for you.

Continuing education (CE) helps you stay abreast of the latest changes in industry rules and regulations and provides instruction on new products and planning techniques.

Once you have successfully passed the exam, you’ll receive a recognition certificate that recognizes and documents your accomplishment.

Benefits of Online Continuing Education

Training programs that are engaging and easy to use.

Courses are written by industry experts.

Up to date, mobile-friendly courses available 24/7 from any device.

Instantly receive and print your certificate upon passing course final exam.

Access copy of your certificate anytime you need it.

Nothing to mail in; nothing else to do.

Who We Are

DUI Corporate University pulls together all learning by managing education as a business project. Online training allows the ability for learners to access the coursework at their own convenience and their own pace, permitting 24/7 access and a high level of accountability. Unlike face-to-face training where a learner must be present physically, but perhaps not mentally, effective online training or education has built-in assessments to challenge the learner to demonstrate understanding of the content as they progress (post test and evaluation). The result of these programs/courses includes issuance of a certificate for each course upon successful completion.


Benefits of offering continuing education courses to dealers.


Upgrade skills of your staff.


Creative way to keep DUI customers loyal.


Improve your competitiveness by providing a great perk and keeping staff on the cutting edge of your industry


Enhances the productive capacity of staff and fosters loyalty.


Keeps staff current with skills and thinking in their field and permits them to learn from peers outside their company.

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